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about photoAs a professional digital designer and artist, Anne K Goodfriend has been honing her playful style and collaborative approach to digital design for over a decade. Anne brings the same warm, sleek aesthetic and committed work ethic to her collaborations with professional clients and her own artistic practice and projects.

A New York transplant, Anne has been freelancing since 2008 as a professional designer and videographer, creating compelling graphic, video, and audio outputs that meet clients’ needs. Her commercial clients have included, Coca-Cola, A Blade of Grass, and NYC Council Member Mark Levine. She is known for her collaborative approach, marrying the needs and tastes of clients with her own creative spark and managing concepts all the way from inception to execution to distribution.

Anne’s artistic initiatives have included partnerships with Brooklyn-based artists Viva BodyRoll, Jessica 6, and Philadelphia based artist Wesley Flash. Her early work centered mostly on videography and promotional design, but Anne’s most recent projects have been exploring the potential of interactive media to create more interactive engagements between the object and subjects of her art work. Her 2012 project Whose Streets Our Streets was featured in Queers in Exile, an exhibition at the Leslie Lohman Museum and won best of show at Urban Exposure: Out in Public.

Anne graduated from the New School University with a degree in Media Studies in 2009 after growing up in Kansas, Missouri, and Delaware.


Working across multiple platforms, Anne’s key strength is designing holistic concepts that can work between different medium. The majority of her professional work has involved filming, video-editing, and customizable website design and set-up. Anne’s creative instinct is supported by a natural collaborative approach and strong technical foundation in key editing software and digital back-end management systems, all of which enables her to helps artist, companies and start-ups materialize their ideas into great projects.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML
  • Adobe Premier

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CSS
  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Final Cut Pro 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci -


Anne helps build projects from idea to launch. She's a digital creative and a growing expert at web & mobile design, branding, marketing, graphics, video & front end. Here's some of her work.


Branding / Design / Videography / Web

Artist Files

Art / Videography / Web

ABOG Events

Art / Documentation / Videography

Jessica 6

Branding / Videography

MRY & Coke Zero


CoWorker Projects

Art / Branding / Design / Web

Time Squared Arts

Branding / Design

Helen Rosenthal, 6th District

Branding / Design / Web


Art / Branding / Design / Mobile Design / Web

Georgia Sanford

Branding / Design / Mobile Design / Web

Mark Levine, 7th District

Branding / Design / Web

Open Engagement 2014

Art / Documentation / Videography

Clients & Collaborators

  • Elizabeth Grady, Director of Programs, ABOG

    I’ve been so impressed by Anne Goodfriend’s professionalism, and the products of her work for A Blade of Grass have been outstanding.

  • Stephanie Buhle, Director of Communications, Rosenthal

    Anne did excellent work building our website. She developed a design that struck the
    casual-yet-professional tone we were looking for, and she was patient and accommodating
    throughout the process. All in all, it was a pleasure to work with her.

  • Wesley Flash, WSOS

    Whose Streets would not be nearly as successful without Anne’s commitment to our vision
     and her top-notch web and design skills. Her willingness matched her excitement to create a project
    that was fresh, unique  and accessible on mobile phones and the web. 

  • Joelle Te Paske, Programs & Communications Coordinator, ABOG

    Anne is our go-to videographer for all public events. She’s professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

  • Viva BodyRoll, Dancer & Fitness Guru

    Anne is a jack of all trades in the media department! She is a skillful videographer and a savvy editor.
    Her graphic and media design work is created through a lens of innovation. She has as sleek eye
    and offers a clear perspective to any project. Highly recommended! 


The passions have been sufficiently interpreted; the point now is to discover new ones.

- Guy Debord -

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