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Design / Interaction / Wearables

FutureAir: Seat Back Interface

Design / Interaction

Clean-Up Drive

Design / Interaction / Gaming

Mark Levine, 7th District

Design / Web

Dandi: A Digital Dandelion

Design / Interaction / Web


Design / Interaction / Web / Mobile / Gaming

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci -

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As a professional digital designer and artist, Anne K Goodfriend has been honing her playful style and collaborative approach to digital design for over a decade. Anne brings the same warm, sleek aesthetic and committed work ethic to her collaborations with professional clients and her own artistic practice and projects.

Anne is known for her collaborative approach, marrying the needs and tastes of clients with her own creative spark and managing concepts all the way from inception to execution to distribution.

Anne graduated from the New School University with a degree in Media Studies in 2009. She is currently enrolled as a graduate student in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU Tisch.

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The passions have been sufficiently interpreted; the point now is to discover new ones.

- Guy Debord -

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